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Second Life Photo Filters


I updated my Second Life Official viewer today, and noticed that filters are now available for SL pics!! How long has this been a feature? All of the filters are pretty basic, and can easily be done with a single click using any online image editor, if you’re not savvy with Photoshop. I’m impressed that SL has this feature, especially for my friends that don’t like to edit their photos, or don’t know how.

What do you think about the new SL filters? Let me know in the comments!NEW SL Filters!

Select filters from the drop down menuNEW SL Filters!Raw image from SL (Autocontrast filter)

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth – Grande 2
Truth – Lilith Headband
Katat0nik – (Sheen/Average) Heart Playgirl Dress

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  1. sweetwaywardangel

    I find it easier and less laggy just to do it via gimp. though I can see how this would be fun to play around with.

  2. Dolls and Demons

    Firestorm does not have this yet. But it seems like a great extra tool. Can’t wait till Firestorm installs this too.

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