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One of a kind

one of a kind

This month’s theme for Uber is ’50 Shades’ which as you can guess, lots of designers went the cliché route and made submissive things. The theme is inspired by a certain book with the same name, I’m sure you can already guess what that book is called. My friend said, it’s the worst book she ever read, LOL.

A couple of brands did do cute sexy things though! Since I’m not into that, I really appreciate the more subtly sexy items, that can easily translate to casual wear. Monso nailed it with the My Off Shoulder Shirt & My First Lingerie set, both mesh. I’ve tried to wear texture (applier) clothing, and I simply find them too unappealing with a mesh body.

Why bother wearing a mesh body (advanced), to only revert back to texture (basic) clothing? Do you still wear texture clothing? Let me know in the comments if you do, or if you don’t, and why!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Action – Studded Kitty Headband
Exile – Suggestive @Uber
Monso – My First Lingerie & My Off Shoulder Shirt (White/Pink) @Uber

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  1. Rachel

    I have just come back to Second Life after a long absence. I have read about 50 of your posts and am excited by all the changes. Thank you for showing what is possible now and where to shop, I think I could go crazy shopping for weeks, I just need a never ending supply of lindens.

  2. Lausha Lexington

    No more textured clothing, the standard SL body is good enough for me and if the mesh project would design get and hands for all skins I’d wear those instead of slink.


    Great post, i must admit i had to ”step out” of my comfort zone for this one. But i had fun with it. If i even did the theme justice is another thing entirely. I have tried to jump onto the mesh body wagon. but my gosh is it complicated, at least with the shops mesh body. Is there one you recommend to be the best? As for texture clothing i do still use them but only for lingerie purposes under mesh clothes.

  4. She's fooled you all

    The ‘book’ is without a doubt the worst ever written.

  5. Keysie

    I’ve stopped wearing textured clothing, because in part of my Mesh Body. I found that while pricey to start the investment for appearance is well worth it. Textured clothing just seems to be a thing of the past, and with MESH everything just seems to fit better, look nicer and just increase in quality.

  6. Charolotte Caxton


  7. angeldawn

    Texture clothing is only as ‘basic’ as the avatar wearing them, literally. The default avi is a 2003 human game model. A good texture looks way better on a fitted mesh body than it ever will on the subhuman default av. And mesh clothing is just an object..with a texture on it. Your default avi is just a object..with a texture on it (your skin). How much of the mesh on sl is Imako templates where the designer just layered or recolored over the psd texture that came with the kit? You’re lucky if they take the time to manipulate the texture/pattern they ‘made’ to flow around the form of the mesh. After almost three years of being forced into the standard size box, I’m happily rocking my curvy mesh body, and I have a lot more fun dressing up my mesh body, than I have had in dressing up my default avi body in years. Truth, I’m finding a lot of mesh stuff, even the original stuff, is just starting to repeat itself, so it was nice to have the added element of mesh bodies thrown into the sl fashion experience.

  8. Tracy RedAngel

    if it’s cute textured lingerie, stockings, leggings, t-shirts, or other basic items that can be worn layered under other clothes, then sure I like texture clothing. But I prefer mesh clothing for most things. Luckily, both Slink and Belleza have released body kits that clothing designers can apply for so they can make fitted mesh clothing for those bodies.

  9. violetsockington

    I want your couch.

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