A Gogolita Doll

Lark - Kokeshi Dolls

(Photo credit: Sienia Trevellion)

Do you see this set of adorable Kokeshi Dolls? Collect all 8 from LARK at the Xiasumi School Festival!

I may be a tiny bit biased cos I love the Gogolita doll with her sweet lil’ buns!! Buy it for your home! Tiny Gogo wants to come sit on your shelf.

Gogolita doll!

I am using the pose from Ohmai’s Mochi Bunni to hold Gogolita – if you want to hold your Kokeshi doll, you can do the same by inserting a hold script+hold animation into the doll, and turning off the shadow texture.

Juicy Spooky Heels

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth Hair – Ambrosia
Lark – Kokeshi Doll – Gogolita @ Xiasumi School Festival
Monso – My Teacher Suit Blazer (Pink) @ Xiasumi School Festival
The Secret Store – Juicy Spooky Heels (Prince Fawn)

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