Kirstentacular Rigged Mesh Tutorial

Shout out to Kirsten Corleone for making a fabulous rigged mesh tutorial video! I thought I knew everything about editing mesh (and prims) to fit myself, but even I learned something new! Check out the video and her blog, for more information.

Do you already know everything mentioned in this video? If you found it helpful, let me know in the comments!

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  2. You can actually “snag” mesh objects in your inventory. I found that it is so much quicker and easier to do than the way that it was shown by Kirsten. All you do is go into your inventory, right click on the item that you are wanting to edit, then click edit. Easy peasy! I don’t have any rigged mesh skirt prims so I don’t know if you can use this method without the need to drag things out to edit them like it was shown in the video. Also, for those that haven’t seen how to select a different layer on the mesh body parts…. Another easy thing to do. So you have your mesh body part selected (body, boobs, butt, etc.), click edit linked, then hold down the CRTL button, then press the comma key until you have selected the layer that you need to edit. You can see what layer you are on by either looking at the texture on the texture tab or under the general tab, looking at the name of the layer. Hope this helps some of you!

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