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Old World

Old World

Opulence, I love this word. Opulence is this month’s theme for Uber, and so many brands delivered with luxurious goods! I am so impressed with this Isabella corset outfit from Eudora, matching headpiece, and even matching pumps! Everything includes a HUD to change the color/texture.

Old World

Here’s to a fabulous and opulent new year!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Longest Night
Eudora – Isabella Corset, Top, Skirt
Eudora – Isabella Headpiece (Sand Gold)
Eudora – Jenn Pumps
Yummy – Pearl & Diamond Bracelet, Necklace
Floorplan & Consignment – Gilded Bed
Floorplan – bellhop trolleys
Half Deer – Flutterby Deer Fauxidermy
MudHoney – Addison Chandelier

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  1. Emma Ann Hendry

    Eudora…link plz?

  2. Tracy RedAngel

    Happy New Year Gogo!
    I love Eudora. Eudora and Glamistry have been my favorite shoe brands for 2014. They make beautifully textured, detailed shoes for a very reasonable price (about 1200L and 900L for color change hud fatbacks).

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