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How to blog hair?


Everybody blogs hair showing the front view, but hardly ever the back or side views. I’m playing around with some new ideas for the blog, and thinking of showcasing a few hairstyles this way. Let me know in the comments if you think this is a good idea! It’s more work, but I’m inspired by hair blogs and RL salon style books to feature hair better, and give my favorite styles the love that they deserve!

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LeLutka – Rebel

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  1. Rayne Clowd

    its a fantastic idea I have a big dislike for not knowing how the back sits a lot of the time.

  2. Eloen Maerdrym

    Hi Gogo! I really like that idea of a turn show off, Not sure if when you blog several items in one post wouldn’t that “overwhelm” that particular post .. But for a hair post its just awesome! And i love pics so show off away 🙂

    • gogo

      Hi Eloen! You’re totally right, that’s why I probably would only do this for a single hair post. I’m considering breaking down other items this way too, such as shoes, accessories, etc! Not everything will get this treatment, only things that are awesome.

  3. MiBlogger

    this is the best way ♥

  4. Mitzy B

    Great idea. I have become so bored of searching for new, quality hair that I seem to stick to the same half dozen designers. Truth, Lelutka, Exile…However I did find a sweet hair shop tucked away in the middle of nowhere called Liquence. Would be nice to showcase some newer designers. Look forward to discovering some more.

    • Rebecca Larue

      I used to only be into Truth, Lelutka, and Exile.. but lately I dislike Exile so much. Something about their hair breaking laws of gravity and being really really flat doesnt suit my avatar’s look. I LOVE Liquence but their textures could use some improvement! I’ve been super into these brands though.. And I agree, I wish Gogo could branch out a little in the hair department.. it does get a little repetitive seeing Exile, Truth and Lelutka again and again..

      Here’s a list of hairs I’ve been into lately that you may or may not have heard of.

      -Little Bones

  5. Chantel Ashdene

    I’m all for the various angles, nice idea Gogo.

  6. Ella Baxton

    A peeve of mine is hair that’s pulled around the neck to rest on the shoulders. Makes me look like a fidgety 14-year-old ^^. Often I’d only discover that when trying the demo. If someone (maybe you, Gogo) would show hair from other angles it would save me from trying on demos that get deleted within

  7. nalates

    Seeing different views is a big help.

    One of the things I dislike about mesh hair is hair mad for the Boobzillas. Form a number of angles there is a gap between the hair and my, I think, more normal sized breasts. I avoid buying hair that floats out front of my breasts living an ANNOYING gap.

    I also switch to wire frame mode to how dense the mesh is. With some hair it makes almost no difference if I am in wire frame or not. The hair looks almost the same. Such items drive my render cost through the roof. With new ‘don’t-render-if-high-ARC’ features coming these items will be a problem.

    I also turn on Avatar Render Cost when trying on the demo to see how much the system thinks it costs.

    When I try the demo on I am usually at home. So I can turn on the Texture Console wait for textures to finish loading and then put on the hair to see what its texture loading is like.

    There are no fashion reviews that give good technical rating on fashion items. The Lindens are working on new Render Cost features that will allow people to see the ARC and avid rendering high cost items/avatars to improve performance. So, I think knowing the tech’s before buying is going to become important.

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