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High Fidelity

Hey guys! I just received my invite for High Fidelity and signed up for an account. Have you tried this Virtual World/Virtual Space, whatever it is? Many people will probably assume that it’s a newer Second Life, but I haven’t really heard much buzz from the SL community regarding migrating to this platform for creating or playing purposes.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried HiFi, and your thoughts on whether someone that’s basically just into SL fashion would enjoy this new platform.

Btw, I’m just Gogo there.

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  1. Ai Austin

    Hi there… I have been in High Fidelity since May 2014 and have our own domain/server setup for testing those aspects… anyone can run what is called a “Stack Manager” to provide the 3D virtual space. There are quite a few Second Life folks in HiFi so make contact via the HiFi Alphas Forum for the discussions, technicalities, and aspects of avatar appearance, animations and clothing.

    Why you have heard little about HiFi and the experience of SLers in HiFi is that we have been asked not to publicly blog about our experences yet, to allow High Fidelity to decide as an when they make announcements or show aspects of the emerging platform. Some of us have been blogging in the closed Alphas Forum and I for one have created a series of (currrently marked as private) posts on my own WordPress blog of our experience of the development of HiFi since May last year and they will all be made public when High Fidelity are happy for that to be okay.

  2. Katie

    Their website does not have the best security and in fact, their security certificates have long expired.

  3. Walt

    How do I join High Fidelity?

  4. Tracy RedAngel

    I received an invite for the alpha as well. The client doesn’t run well on my computer (6 year old iMac) so maybe it will do better on my PC as soon as I put in a new power supply. There wasn’t much to it so far. My username there is TracyRedAngel.

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