Jungle Hula

I wanted this Jungle Stuff outfit from PFC, so I found all the pieces at different yard sales. I bought everything at pull price, and nothing was rare, so it was super easy to acquire. I loved the hula skirt upon seeing it on the ad, but ads can be deceiving. This skirt looks nice on, but it does not appear to be rigged (at all…?). You won’t be able to sit, bend, or do anything other than stand (very straight) and lay with your derriere alpha’d out. LOL.

Jungle Hula

I had high hopes for this outfit, cos the idea is so cute and just my style. Some pieces even include a HUD to change textures. I think the designer could do a lot better with rigging, cos I won’t be back for future items without demoing first to ensure that they are well rigged. I didn’t try a demo, cos I didn’t go to The Arcade so I don’t even know if there’s any.

This post was not meant to be a long list of complaints! It was cheap, I liked it enough to collect all the pieces that I wanted, but I still thought it was worth mentioning, since it’s valid critique.

Let me know in the comments if you like this outfit, and if you mind the skirt as much as I do!

What I’m wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
LeLutka – Sheena
PCF – Jungle Hula, Bracelet, Skirt
Teefy – Betty Sandals

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