LeLutka Mesh Head, part 2

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka – Lotte

If you enjoy reading about LeLutka Mesh Heads, this post is a follow-up featuring new faces, new HUDs, my thoughts on the latest improvements.

I love the trio of new faces (Lotte, Karin, and Stella). They’re much less pouty than the previous faces, and much more youthful looking. Only a handful of skin brands have released appliers for the mesh heads, so your choices are limited. I actually like what Glam Affair did with the skins this time around, by offering interchangeable skin HUDs that will work with any heads and you can mix-and-match the brows, lips, and eyes.

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka Mesh Head Hud, Glam Affair Skin HUD

New LeLutka mesh head

LeLutka – Stella

I would like to see an option to turn the lashes off entirely, so I can wear my own lashes or more lash options, cos I want even more lush lashes. Of course, I would love to see more facial expressions, similar to the ones seen on LOGO and Fiore.

The new LeLutka mesh faces will be released on April 30th, so when you do get a chance to try them, let me know what you think of the new faces in the comments!

Edit: It’s out! Read the full entry on LeLutka Mesh Head at the official blog.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella, Fiore
Glam Affair Skin HUD
Truth Hair – Bexley
Yummy – Twinkling Star Earrings (Gold)

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  1. The eyelashes turn off on the existing head, have they changed this? I really love the head but hate the lashes because they look like spiders legs *shudder*. This could be a deal breaker for me 🙁

  2. Hi guys just wondering how do I wear the applies with the mesh body not sure with this one just changed over from the tmp

  3. Just so sad that other lashes don’t move. If you close the eyes, the lashes from other brands stay put. Where did the mesh eyeliners that Glam Affair sold go? I have been there several times, tried area search , had no luck at all. You blogged them in 2012. https://www.flickr.com/photos/aidaewing/8054566629/

    I miss layering and can’t stack eyemakeup + liner. I have not played so much with the heads yet, but it looks like brows has not their own slot? Have to change skin or have eyemakeup that change the brows too.

    Maybe you should do a post about add-ons to the head, like other lashes, liners, moles – I found mesh moles. So few things that aren’t old tattoo layers!

    I really dislike designers who sell body skin appliers with freckles, and who don’t add freckles on the appliers for heads.

    Despite all this, it is so good to have a profile that looks good. Default sl heads look nice and gorgeous until you inspect the profile…


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