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I’m back to show you a recent release by Utilizator that’s made my day–the Venus Anime Mesh Head! Although I loved the anime head I was wearing previously, it made my av look a bit young… this one makes me look like a young woman. Plus, it’s incredibly customizable just like the last one.

I like this avatar so much that I think I’m going to ditch the default SL one, except in the case of creating makeup and nails for it. But before you do that to yours, check out my caveat about what mesh body you pick to match this awesome head.

Venus Anime Head Expressions

NOTE: I’m wearing custom textures with this head!

The Head

The Venus mesh head is 500L and is tintable, comes with its own set of eyes, and expressions so you can customize yours. The marketplace also has custom textures you can apply to your head so you can stand apart even further. Even if you buy a custom head texture, you can also purchase eyebrow and eyelash textures from other designers. That way, you can mix and match looks even further. Check out this blog post to see a few examples of custom head textures released so far!

Picking A Body

Most of you might just purchase the Venus head and pair it with the default SL body or a mesh body you’ve purchased already. However, if you’re someone considering wearing what I’m wearing in the above picture, you’ll need to read on.

If you want a mesh body from the same creator of this mesh head, but you want to still be able to wear most of your SL clothing, get the Avatar 2.0 body. It doesn’t have a lot of boob sizes, but it matches the mesh head a lot better and comes with its default skin tones already.

However, I like the wasp-waist the body I’m wearing comes with… which is the Kemono mesh body. It’s wonderfully curvy but you’ll need to buy separate chest parts for it if you don’t want a flat one. It can wear less SL clothing than the 2.0 body, but it’s way cuter. For boobs, people either seem to buy this set or this set (but I got this set).

Demo all the extra parts before buying, you might not like them!

Cannibal Island

Cannibal Island, where I took photos today. Here it is at night.

Dressing Up The Kemono Avatar

After this, you’re wondering: what about clothing for the Kemono body?

First things first: Kemono is very turtleneck and fluffy-skirt friendly. Some of what you have in your inventory will fit your new avatar already. I’m able to, for example, wear a lot of puffy skirts from Tres Blah with ease. As far as mesh sizing goes, it fits a little smaller than size XXS. Clothing stores that have these sizes in mind will be your best friend.

For jeans, bell bottom or loose-cut jeans will work. I went digging in my invy and found some Maitreya jeans that fit my av perfectly! It helps cut back on spending so you can get others things that are specifically created for the Kemono.

After you find some mesh clothing you already have that fits, here are some clothing made specifically for the Kemono that I recommend:

There’s a lot more out there, but these items will get you started! Whatever you pick, demo everything to make sure you’re happy with it. You don’t want to spend a million Lindens trying to get what you want.

For hair? I personally like Exile, Alice Project, Chemistry, and Lamb for hair choices with the Venus. We’re all different, though, so look around to see what fits your av’s personality!

Also! If you were looking for the rest of my super-bright art collection? They are now all on the grid here. You can now buy the whole set!


Cannibal Island has its own weather season. When I took this picture, a tornado had just disappeared. The waves are wonderfully laid-out to feel natural; obviously, the owner is very passionate about water.

What I’m Wearing:

Flowers: Boom – Nature’s Crown (Dark Pink)
Hair: Alice Project – Mary (manually tinted)
Top: Puppy – Ruffled Corset Top
Skirt: ABC Denim Skirt
Shoes: Rei’s Stuff – Heels for Kemono Human Feet
Necklace: Yummy – Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Widdershins (Cross And Skulls)

Shooting Location: Cannibal Island

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  1. Taylor Ranieri

    Are the windlights in the pictures of cannibal island the regional settings there or your own? They’re pretty.

    • aemeth

      Those are the regional settings! They change throughout the day. Usually I see them alternate between green and gold. The sunsets are pretty awesome, too!

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