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Virtual Girl

Virtual Girl

Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve written, right? Well, I’m back in SL (Whiskey inspired me to return) and here to show you something awesome I’ve been doing.

First of all, I look way different! I’m wearing the Kemono avatar and the M3 anime head from Utilizator so I look more like these cartoon girls behind me. But why match them, you ask? That’s because I’ve been painting them!

I recently won and art fellowship with Red Bull, where I’ve been given a couple of months to create a new body of work. At the end of the fellowship, I’ll reveal all of the pieces at an opening in Detroit, Michigan. The internet has influenced me a lot as an artist, so I decided to focus on the net and women in general for this collection. I’m especially interested in online avatars, Tumblr, and how women express themselves (artsy NSFW warning) through these mediums.

Throughout the collection, there’s also commentary slipped in about the crap women put up with in dealing with sleazebags, dating disasters, subtle racism, and all the fun stuff that comes with not being at the top of the social food chain.

Here’s a picture of me painting Airedine, of the now-defunct store Adore & Abhor:

Working at Red Bull House of Art

I picked out a couple of avatars (and their real-life counterparts) to work into the exhibit, as well. Not everyone will fit in this round, but I’m going to be painting in this style for a while. It’s been great painting inspiring avatars in this collection, because I get to work in an aspect of that player into the painting. I’m looking forward to meeting even more people to paint in the future.

How has the internet influenced how you express yourself? Who do you think is more attractive–you, or your avatar?

If you want to grab some of the paintings I have in-world so far, five (FOUR! I can count!) of them are available. Nine more will be added next week:

Virtual Girl Collection Preview Sale

You can buy them by visiting my store here!


What I’m Wearing:

Kemono Avatar
M3 Anime Avatar Head
Kemono skin and eyes: Custom! I’ll sell them soon 🙂
Hair: Exile – Kissing Strangers
Clothing: All from Krankhaus!

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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    I ran straight over and bought them all, as well as the ones on the other wall. The prices are insanely low, so no one has any excuse not to beautify their homes with them…well done and congrats on the fellowship.


    • aemeth

      Thank you! I’ll be porting over my old oil painting collection soon, too.

  2. Charolotte Caxton

    I like your store and mini city.

    • aemeth

      Thank you! It’s a little WIP right now but I’ll keep adding fun stuff there!

  3. mairachel

    I’m glad your back! I love your blog, I love your anime avatar and I love your art. stay Lovely !!

    • aemeth

      Thank you! <333

  4. Bella Thomas

    Love this art and would love to see it in person. Where can one find the details about the showing in Detroit? I live pretty close. 🙂

  5. fissionsl

    Such exciting news. Congratulations!

    • aemeth

      Thank you so much!

  6. Brandon Carr

    Just saw this. Congrats, Aemeth!!!

    • aemeth

      Thanks!! I hope you’re well!

  7. Paul E. Emery

    on the Red Bull studio gig I do open simulator in Detroit. Maybe we should collaborate.

    • aemeth

      Hi! I think I’ve heard of you from a local design festival. I’ll shoot you an email.

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