LOGO Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar

LOGO - Alex

The new LOGO Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar is a beautiful new addition to LOGO’s line mesh heads. I’m such a fan of the style HUD, not only does it include dozens of makeup options, but the facial expressions are hands down, the best on the grid. A new MiniHUD includes 12 more expressions, all of which can mix-and-match, creating hundreds of different expressions. I’m such a fan of the mouth and teeth, no one does this better than LOGO!

LOGO - Alex

The following text is pasted from LOGO’s ad on SLUniverse – check it out to see more product info!

Combines mesh head with standard SL body and skin (head can be used separately)
– High quality and high resolution textures
– 12 unique expressions (including open mouth and closed eyes) that can be mixed and matched to create 144 distinct looks (more expressions also available)
– *New Feature* Dynamic dimples that change depending on the expression (see Example Looks)
– *New Feature* Natural eyeshadow that looks correct whether your eyes are open or closed
– Includes dozens of facial customization options
– 16 Lipsticks
– 16 Eyeshadows
– 4 Blush
– 5 Noses
– 16 Eye Colors
– 7 Eyelash Styles
– 49 Hair Bases (Including Shaved)
– Includes 5 skin tones and lots of body options such as breast shading and stomach shading options
– Works with ALL standard and mesh clothing.

LOGO - Alex

Visit LOGO to demo Alex, and let me know what you think of the facial expressions! I love them!

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  1. i would totally get this head if there were any appliers for the skin to match my mesh body, and i cant seem to find any at the store so i assume that there isent any

  2. Do they actually support black skins already? I have been looking at them from the start, but they have never supported black skins, which to me, they are far from the best mesh heads in SL.

  3. I bought it right away after seeing this post. No demo needed; I was convinced already. And it truly is the most beautiful face I’ve seen in SL. And the facial expressions are fabulous. More variety than the ugly slink faces, yet they managed to keep the face looking beautiful as it changes expressions. This will be fantastic for when shooting pictures for DNavia.

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