Meet Elsie, new Pink Fuel skin


Meet Elsie, a sweet new skin from Pink Fuel! This will be available at The Arcade, in a brand new skin tone – BISCUIT! This tone sits between Vanilla and Peach, and there are appliers available to match the most popular mesh body and body parts.


This skin is a must have for any Pink Fuel fan!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elsie (Biscuit) @ The Arcade
Truth Hair – Damars @ The Arcade
Yummy – Circle Charm (Lotus Bloom) @ Uber
Teefy – Aanya Wrapped Top (Ivory) @ Uber

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  1. Cute, but looks almost identical to every other pink fuel skin. All pink fuel skins have the same nose, same eyelids (aside from the asian eyelid options), and very very similar lips. The only real difference between each skin is different eyebrows.

  2. I’ve never been overly fussed with Pink Fuel skins since they didn’t really suit the look I like going for (a bit more mature & realistic), but I played this gacha on a whim and I must say the skins looks absolutely adorable on me. Mochi is one of those skinners that improves with every release. Plus she discounted the appliers in the main store in the biscuit tone until the end of June.

    As for the skins looking the same every release, well, are you sure you’re not mistaking them for Glam Affair?

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