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Come with me

Come with me...

I have a confession. When I saw this Kylie Jenner skin posted to Flickr, I didn’t demo it cos the ad is morphed, and doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ve already had my fix of celebrity inspired skins (Redgrave, circa 2007). I saw that Alicia tried on the skin and posted about it here, and I couldn’t believe how terrible it looked in-world! I also can’t believe people gave her grief about it, blaming her shape/windlight, etc. YOU KNOW WHAT? If you can make that skin look good, you’re a miracle worker — you should actually perform miracles for a living. Photoshop miracles, that is.

My look today is inspired by one of Kylie Jenner’s teal hair phases. I love it!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Exile – Shout @ The Arcade
Gizza – Absinthe Dress (Vintage Teal)
Gizza – Fur Stole (Brown)
Izzie’s – Nidhi Necklace (Aquamarine) @ Uber
Mon Tissu – Workwear Leather Clutch (Sea Green)

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  1. Jeremy McKay

    omg you’re gonna get hate for saying that lol D:

  2. AliceInchains Arun

    Thats why I love you Gogo. Because of you I started blogging and love how honest you are. Ive seen on facebook people making drama over that girls post and made me shake my head. The photographer even trying to make fun of the blogger because “she is nobody” – so the photographer said. Like really? The review was about a skin and I agree it sucks. The morph also doesnt help. I would never buy it.

  3. Nahla

    love the outfit but that hair kinda makes you look like a conehead lol!

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