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Aloha, Melanie


Dear Melanie, you were the best friend that anyone could have asked for in SL. Rest in peace, I miss you so much already.

She passed away after a brief battle with cancer. I’m still in shock by this sudden loss, so I don’t really have much to say right now. We’ve been friends for more than 8 years, so knowing that she’s gone, is extremely difficult to process.

If you knew Melanie Kidd in SL and want to share a happy memory, leave a comment below.

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  1. Vivienne Graves

    I’m kind of numb and in shock over this. Melanie was one of my oldest friends in SL; I still remember the day she and I went wandering around Koreshan and we ran into you while you were shopping for latex at Draconic. Like you said, it’s hard to process the fact that she’s gone; she’ll be missed.

  2. Gillian Waldman

    One of the first people I remember in Second Life when I started, and such a beautiful one. I am so sad to hear of her passing. My deepest condolences to you and all her close friends and family.

  3. Lash Xevious

    I remember meeting Melanie for the first time when she asked for us to street fight each other while she took pictures. I was in full on bloody Kill Bill attire, and you were in your Pink Power Rangers outfit (don’t deny it). I still have the pictures she sent me. We looked horrible af btw.

    It was the first time I let loose with the two of you and Mel made it so easy. She took the playful viciousness happening before her in stride and just stood back and reeled us back in whenever we went out of frame. I felt the kinship amongst us then, like that’s how she is. We would go crazy hyper and she brought us back to baseline, but she’s just as much as a nut. 😛

    She soon showed how fierce a friend she is. And it was fun watching the two of you make your plans to conquer zee world. She was a sisterly mischief maker. She was always there, just a quick IM away. I think I’ll always be waiting for her name to light up.

    I can’t imagine losing my own best friend this way. It’s mind numbing. My heart goes out to you, Gogo.

    • Arycon Fasching

      Gogo…I had no idea. I dont even know what to say. I feel so terrible…like I should have known and been there.

  4. Arycon Fasching

    Oh, Mels…

    Such an old and true friend of mine. It has been forever since I have seen or talked to you. You kinda disappeared from SL and I guess I did too. I remember how much fun we used to have hanging out in my old shoe store. Wandering cool SIMs. Riding crazy love boat rides that one time. Chilling in my planetarium and talking about random things. Or attending quidditch games and going to the Hogwarts SIMs to roleplay. You a Ravenclaw and I a Gryffindor.

    I have so many photos of you and me…in all kinds of places. In all kinds of crazy getups. I remember your dance videos. Cherry Girl. That always makes me think of you. So beautiful. So fashion savy. So sexy. But always Mels.

    I dont know how I feel hearing this now. After so long. I wish I hadnt written you. I wish I had said hello. I wish I could have been there to help you through this illness. Im so sorry we drifted apart. It wasnt something I intended. I just had to leave SL behind.

    Please know my heart is with you and I am grateful for every moment we shared. I can still hear your cute voice in my ear. It makes me smile.

  5. Sasy Scarborough

    When I heard this news I was floored, and days later I still am. I will not profess to being a close friend of Melanie’s, she was and will always be in my head Gogo’s bestie, through thick and thin and sick and sin. Over the years though I did have the oppurtunity to spend time in her IM box. She was a doer that girl, she had at one point or another pretty much tackled all options of Second Life, as people from our time period tend to do.

    She participated in Hair Fair a couple of times, which made it harder to hear this on the day of opening, and know that it would never happen again. She made fantastic poses, had a beautiful sim at one point, and was the powerhouse Manager of LAQ for many years. I remember her attending some awards ceremony on their behalf, and me for Maitreya and LeLutka, and we spent the time in IM with eachother yacking about completely different things.

    she is one of the few people that I followed on plurk that was not in world much anymore, that I really cared about knowing what she was up to, we followed her job sorrows and cheered for her changes. I remember her finding a game/world that was music based and looking with interest at her experiences. Then one day seeing her post about K-Dramas, and throwing Whimsy in her plurk line and knowing that those two would have a great old time nattering about all the shows they were addicted to and currently watching.

    When she got ill, I was kind of in denial about it, Gogo even IMd me about it, and I didn’t really want to think it was going to turn out to be anything other than something you shoved some antibiotics at and that was it, but it wasn’t and I am sorry for that.

    I recently spent time watching Lilo & Stitch movies and laughing every so often to myself, because I kept imagining that Lilo was Melanie, our Hawaiin girl, she will always be that, she made that real for me, and I am sure many…her running off to dance classes, and so forth. She will always be remembered by those that were lucky enough to know her in any way, and I am very glad I got to.

    I was looking through old pics of hers from Snapzilla and found this one Melanie and her besties, hugs to you all.


  6. Whimsy Winx

    It’s hard to know what to say when someone leaves. You want to comfort friends over their loss of friendship with them, but then you have your own to deal with. I wouldn’t say I was close, but I’d met her numerous times inworld, and on social networks. Melanie came across as an genuine individual. She was quite lovely to get to know over the years over social networks like plurk. I was happy to have someone who watched as much kdrama as I do. I will miss having someone to talk to about them. Her death was too soon, too sudden, and left us all very sad, just when it looked like life was shining brighter for her. I won’t forget her sincerity and sweetness. My condolences to her closest friends.

  7. Kirsten Corleone

    So sorry for your loss Gogo. Please let me know what I can do to help you. Hugs, Kirsten

  8. Elle Couerblanc

    Melanie was simply one of the most beautiful people I met in SL. My heart goes out to you Gogo. <3

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