LeLutka mesh head

One of the largest feedback that I’ve seen about the Lelutka mesh heads is that they’re too pouty. The latest update allows your favorite Lelutka mesh heads to smile, part lips, and express herself with more than just the pout. I forgot to take a picture of the HUD, but you can view it on Sasy’s blog and see all the different faces too.

I am wearing the Aria face today, something I have not worn before in my previous coverage of LeLutka mesh heads. I think this face is a lot closer to Gogo’s face than the others, the face shape is really round and feels like ‘me’. If I could adjust the eyes shape to be rounder, it would almost be perfect. I am wearing skin by Glam Affair, it really suits these mesh heads.

Are you as stubborn about skins as I am? I will usually wait for appliers from my favorite brand (can you guess what brand that is?) before committing to a new mesh head. However, I’m flexible about certain mesh heads cos I know that not all brands will look good on every mesh face shape. So that’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping for mesh heads. Buy it if it looks good with skins that are available!

LeLutka mesh head

I wear SLink’s Physique body almost exclusively, so I haven’t noticed that there is a fit issue or that not a lot of brands are offering mesh clothing for Maitreya’s Lara body until this past week. You can read about the issue over at Sophee Mojo’s blog. I’m not a creator so I’m pretty vague about what “weights” are, but apparently it’s a pretty important file and creators need it to make clothing fit right for any body. Not too many creators have the full kit for Maitreya – just 24 brands for mesh clothing, according to the official list. If the brand is not listed, it’s safe to assume that they’re just guessing the right fit, so clothing for Maitreya’s Lara may or may not fit well.

I noticed that issue today while wearing this dress from Fishy Strawberry (not listed), the straps doesn’t really fit around the shoulders. As I said above, I always wear SLink’s body and thankfully, my favorite brands are already listed, but if yours isn’t and you wear Maitreya’s Lara body, that’s something to keep in mind when shopping, always demo!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Echo Hair
LeLutka – mesh Head (Aria) v1.2, Glam Affair appliers
Fishy Strawberry – Martia Dress (Maitreya) Hazelnut

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