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SLink Physique Hourglass

SLink Physique Hourglass

I’ve always been happy with my SLink Physique body, but some residents wanted more curves and thicker thighs, etc. The newest  SLink Physique Hourglass body delivers ample curves and is noticeably thicker. You’ll see this body reviewed many times, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

Out of the box, the Hourglass body on my shape is way too curvy for my taste. I find the waist to hip ratio too extreme, but some residents seem to favor this look. With three slider tweaks (Waist, Love Handles, Breast Size), I was able to adjust my shape to something more moderate that still looks curvy without being extreme. As you can see, I am still my usual size, with slightly thicker thighs, which are lovely!

SLink Physique Hourglass

The new HUD is amazing, cos you can now toggle various sections of the body on/off, without having to click many parts individually.

Let me know if you’ve tried the new SLink Physique Hourglass body, and if you will be switching to it! I haven’t decided what I will do yet, but I will spend some more time tweaking the body so the proportions are my idea of well-balanced.

What I’m Wearing:

Nothing, lol.
Pink Fuel Skin
Truth Hair – Foxy
Ingenue – Mara Flats (Latte)

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  1. Kirsten Corleone

    The Slink Physique original HUD has been like the Hourglass one for quite a while now. I would say version 2.4 or 2.5. The current version of Slink Physique original is V2.9. The HUDS for Original and Hourglass are basically the same.

    • gogo

      Didn’t know LOL!! I never get any updates notices.

  2. Sydd Sinister

    I love the SLink Hourglass, I still will use my other mesh bodies but I am pretty in love with this one

  3. Jamie Tremmor

    Have switched to Hourglass and I love it. Need to work on an ideal shape though.

  4. Thia Jinx

    I have it and love it. Its a bit sad that there are not really many designers doing some lingerie for this body while it is some body that is MADE for lingerie. (instead of saying *its not for hourglass, maybe just make mesh for it -.-)

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