Have I ever told you about the time I met the guy who plays Jason Voorhees?

I was at a comic convention irl selling artwork about two years ago. After putting my gear up when selling hours ended, I heard there was a special horror movie showing–and I was going to be late for it! So, I ran towards the section of the hotel it would be hosted in.

That’s when I saw a really tall guy looking lost by the stairs. He asked me where the movie would be showing because he was late for it too. I said, “Yep, I’m headed that way!”, so we walked together. I talked about how scary it was to drive around at night and how being lost on a street with no lighting whatsoever was “true horror”.

He just chuckled at me.

We arrived at the auditorium and I took my seat. The man went to the front, where it was announced that he was the actor who played Jason Voorhees. I felt silly but soon we all settled in to watch the film and have fun.

The actor who played Michael Myers was there as well. Someone brought in a bottle of whiskey for him, and “Jason” walked around pouring drinks for those who wanted some. Because the theatre was small, there weren’t that many people there and we had a lot of fun.

And that was how I made corny horror jokes to someone who plays a well-known psycho killer (and then he served me whiskey! lol).


The dress I’m wearing is from PEQE, and is part of her set for Tag Gatcha. I also wanted to show off this awesome hat from Katatonik (available at Gen-Neutral event) and the gorgeous twisted tree behind me, which you can find at We <3 Roleplay. The tree comes with multiple sits and animations, and is great for placing in your woods. I put mine on my home parcel!

These teeth are also available at Gen-Neutral from EXE.cute. They work with mesh heads pretty well and regular heads too. Just place them where you want on your mouth and you’ll look like you have fangs!

What I’m Wearing

(EXE) Teeth – Long Fang Close
katat0nik – Old Hat
Junbug – Fur Stole (Silver)
Exile – Out of the Ruins
Maxi Gossamer – Widdershins Earrings (Cross and Skulls)
PEQE – Vamp Cape (Black, RARE)
PEQE – Vamp Dress (RARE)

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