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Baja Bay

Baja Bay

Hello from Baja Bay! I know everyone on the grid is already rushing towards Christmas, but let’s dial it back and enjoy the last few days of November. I am at the gorgeous Baja Bay beach sim enjoying the breeze and using it as the perfect backdrop for today’s photos.

Baja Bay

Have you seen this Kira Kira Shirt by Katat0nik and White Crow? It’s adorable, love at first sight!Β It inspired me to change my hair color today to match the anime drawing and pastel colors. I’m alternating between cute and classic styles lately, since both appeal to me.

I can’t stop playing with expressions! Being able to do expressions effortlessly have been such a huge desire of mine for years. I have used various HUDs available to play with the default SL emotes, but they pale in comparison to what mesh heads can do. I want my avatar’s face to reflect the mood in the photos, so I will try to use appropriate expressions whenever I can!

Baja Bay

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO ALex Mesh Head
LeLutka – Cat Hair (FitB)
Katat0nik & White Crow – Kira Kira Shirt (Yellow)
Teefy – Hana Skirt (Mint)
The Secret Store – Flamel Boots (Mint)

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  1. Cristalle Karami

    Great pics, Gogo! The colors are so soft and pretty. That head really suits you.

  2. Gwyn

    Stupid question probably but how did you manage to put that Cat hair on the Logo head?

    • gogo

      Hi Gwyn! Adjust your head length to get the hair to fit. The Alex notecard says to make your head length 0, but doesn’t take into consideration that some hairstyles are rigged to default head, so 0 will make the bangs sink into your mesh head. I just played with my slider until the hair fits, but you will also have to adjust eyes bulge (i think), if your eyes pop out lol.

  3. Gwyn

    Thank you! Fits perfectly now πŸ™‚

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