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LOGO Alex v3

LOGO Alex v3

Did you know that mesh heads have been around for three years? I blogged about the first LOGO Infinity Chloe mesh head back in November 2012. I’m not surprised that they’ve been around for this long, yet residents were slow to embrace mesh heads due to a number of factors. Prior to the introduction of mesh bodies, appliers for skin were only available for individual body parts. The mesh heads that were available, did not offer kits for skin designers to create appliers, so it lacked mass appeal. With the availability of skin appliers, I started seeing more residents embrace them and the coverage for all things mesh body and mesh heads expanded.

LOGO Alex v3

I embrace mesh heads from brands that delivered pretty faces, yet I find myself always going back to my default SL face. I was able to make the mesh heads ‘me’ but the novelty wore off once I felt that my avatar and photos were indistinguishable from dozens of others in SL. The latest LOGO Alex v3.0 update delivers so much customization (OMEGA tattoo makeups!), that I feel will benefit mesh heads wearers and help set these doll faces apart. You should read about all the new updates, there are too many new awesome features to mention.

LOGO Alex v3

I predict that within a year or two, there will be so many mesh heads (and skin appliers) that it will be impossible to tell that someone is wearing a mesh head, or which brand it came from. For me, the thing that will put one mesh head above another is the efficient scripting and beautiful expressive emotions. My favorite head is from LOGO, due to the dozens of different combinations of expressions that I can create by mixing and matching the eyes and mouth. Other mesh heads have nice features too, but for me, LOGO is definitely the most fun to wear.

For this review, I am wearing the Aria skin applier by Lara Hurley. I haven’t worn Lara skins in a very long time, but mesh heads have definitely gotten me to try brands that I don’t normally wear. I’ve observed that with the recent interest in mesh heads, lots of older skin brands have seen a revived interest in their skins.

For some reason, I wrote a novel today, so let’s end this post with a question that I have for you guys. Do you have a favorite mesh head and skin combination? Let me know in the comments and I will check it out! 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO Alex v3 (mesh head)
Lara Hurley – Aria (Pale) skin applier
Truth Hair – Amoret
Tres Blah – Cropped Sweatshirt (White)

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  1. carolineapollo

    I discovered Lara Hurley after I bought my Lelutka head. Mouse told me about her! Love it!

  2. STARVED Magic

    i had a logo sadie and chloe mesh head two years ago, and i loved them, but that was before mesh bodies, hands, etc. i am a glam affair girl, that means i wear glam skins, and appliers for the lelutka mesh heads. i have all of them and all the appliers, which gives me plenty of make up options. at this time i feel that the catwa head is not worth the money. I am staying with Ada and GLAM AFFAIR. I wear my mesh everything all the time.

  3. PrincessAndrea Usbourne

    So far the Catwa head is the most beautiful for me. Letluka is the least and LOGO is right in the middle.

  4. Mandy

    I love the way the Lelutka Stella head looks, and isn’t very far from my standard head. I also love that the makeup layers have opacity sliders! Yay!! I didn’t wear it much until they did the update with expressions. The original made me look mad all the time. I was never really happy with the Glam Affair skin that came with it, since it is a lot different from my Pink Fuel skin, who of course hasn’t made a Lelutka applier yet 🙁 Finally I found YS&YS skins, and I love my mesh head now! So, Lelutka Stella head and YS&YS skin for me 🙂

  5. Cristalle Karami

    You look great, Gogo. The advancements in technology have really come a long way. I didn’t think I’d wear a mesh head but I do now.

    Starved – Glam Affair has appliers for Logo now (Sia and Melanie), and Chloe got an Omega update too. It’s worth taking a look.

  6. erikinhadenimore

    Hello , Gogo ! You were really beautiful! But it’s hard not to be ! I have mesh heads, Logo , Coco and Genesis , I have knit bodies , The Shops and Maitreya, and feet and hands Slink , like them with skins of Skinnery . But honestly , I do not like and hardly use. I bought because I found interesting , but it gives me some grief have attached several things and even some alphas who do not cooperate , even having a hud . I feel very artificial , as if using silicones, fillers or qqer else like it. I like to be original and do not think the bodies and mesh heads do it for now . Avatar of a full mesh , which is modifiable would be interesting. More rounded shapes without pixel ends. And sorry my English.

    • gogo

      I understand your comment about it feeling sort of artificial, even though we’re all just pixels on a screen. The fact that mesh heads and mesh bodies make ‘your shape’ and ‘your face’ no longer unique, adds to that manufactured feeling, like dolls in a factory. I think I can some day make it feel like me, as more enhancements and customization options are added. Who knows, we may even be able to use facial sliders in the future!

  7. Alecks

    I think of all mesh heads I enjoy LOGO Alex the best, it just suits me in the same manner what I consider pretty.
    Aside some issues with the eyes (I prefer to use mine) I noticed you really can’t stretch it all. So those are the downsizes so far. I have no issue with the mono omega makeup layer frankly,
    Now the rest for me is really awesome, the head looks good and feels natural.
    I won’t be using as much though because I don’t know… too attached to how I see myself in SL I guess. I have nothing against them and now that there is so many to choose from why not?

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