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Pink Fuel Kiyomi / LOGO Alex Mesh Head

Pink Fuel Kiyomi / LOGO Alex Mesh Head

Get this gorgeous Kiyomi skin applier from Pink Fuel at this month’s We Love Roleplay event for 50% off! I’ve worn the Alex mesh head from LOGO for weeks now, and it just gets closer and closer to feeling like ‘me’ as I customize it with my favorite skins and makeups.

Pink Fuel Kiyomi / LOGO Alex Mesh Head

Visit Pink Fuel’s booth at We Love RP to get the skin!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kiyomi
Exile – Cozy Winter Nights

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  1. Cristalle Karami

    This is pretty amazing, closest I’ve seen yet.

  2. Halo

    This is so gorgeous. I’m just wondering though how you got your lips so small? I have the Alex V3 with the Kiyomi applier, but my lips are still very wide and even with the applier it looks nothing close to your pictures. I’m a bit confused, I guess!

    • gogo

      What I do is use the lips with parted mouth, to get that smaller look. The lips on Alex are wider than I would prefer too, but hopefully a future update will include some new expressions with smaller lips. Mix and match your eyes/lips to achieve different expressions!

      • Halo

        Ah! I figured it out. I didn’t realize that you could control the lips and the eyes separately. Much better!

        Hopefully an update in the future will allow us to adjust the heads much like we can adjust the mesh bodies. That would be a dream come true.

        Thanks for the tips!

  3. Avery

    Hmm I have bought the Alex Head and the PF applier, but the PF applier won’t apply anything on my head. I have tried several times to restart Firestorm, clear cache. Changed locations.. I know the HUD says it can be a bit slow but I don’t think it’s supposed to take like 30 minutes right?xD

    • gogo

      Are you wearing the OMEGA version? It’s usually “instant” — so 30 minutes does not sound right!

    • Halo

      Did you get the Omega system Logo applier off the MP and are you wearing the Omega version of the head? You need both and you have to click the omega hud before you can click the optons on the PF hud.

  4. Peach

    May I ask what eyes you use? 😀

    • gogo

      MayFly eyes

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