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Glam Affair Chloe, LOGO Alex

Glam Affair - Cloe

I picked up this Cloe skin from Glam Affair for LOGO’s Alex mesh head at Collabor88. I like this skin a lot, except that it didn’t come with any makeups, just a bare skin and brow color options. Unfortunately, with mesh heads, makeups from various brands don’t always play well together.

Have you noticed that when skin brands release a skin for mesh heads, they only include a limited choice of makeups and that’s it. I hope that skin designers will offer more add-on products for their skin appliers, such as more makeups so we can keep wearing our favorite “face” instead of always having to buy a new skin!

Glam Affair - Cloe

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO – Alex Mesh Head
LeLutka – Cat hair
Glam Affair – Cloe Appleirs for LOGO (America)

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  1. Cristalle Karami

    Well, now that the new Omega head that Max released has a makeup layer, you’re not really going to find too many more new skins with makeup on the skin/base layer. Gotta look for makeup for LOGO itself, or Omega appliers for makeup for mesh heads.

    I find that eyes generally are not the problem when it comes to makeups, but mouths – because some people will change the appearance of the shape of the mouth slightly by how they paint the skin. This is especially true for Alex, because her mouth is pretty large.

    • gogo

      I was hoping I could mix-and-match makeups from various skins that I already own, and the tones don’t match so that doesn’t work! As with system makeups, everything works well except for lips, cos lips shape can show beneath if the default applier’s lips is too wide.

      • Cristalle Karami

        Some people have been stacking makeup layers – put on one, apply makeup, remove, put on another, etc. and then adding multiple layers. So you should be able to mix and match reasonably, from what I’ve heard. Lips on one layer, eyes on another, etc. You should be able to do that for your makeup, although lips will often be a problem and you will be better off getting the lipstick from the same maker of the base layer skin.

  2. Arialle Dufaux

    I have a LeLutka mesh head and use 2-3 YS&YS appliers. In addition I have a range of lipsticks and eyeshadow appliers from several 3rd party creators, ranging from well-known brands to smaller, more boutique options. They all seem to work perfectly, as I haven’t encountered any of the problems described. In addition, I’ve found the YS&YS appliers to come with a wide variety of interchangeable make-up options for lips and eyes from a base skin of ‘natural’, ‘freckles’ and ‘light blush’ options (plus a few other variations) to perfect ‘smooth’ skin looks, as well as a range of brow colours and a ‘no brow’ option. Further, each individual appliers’ eyeshadows and lipstick options will work with the other YS&YS appliers I have. After reading the comments, I feel quite lucky I haven’t had the issues matching tones and fortunate that there are so many options to choose from that work seamlessly.

  3. Saiyuri Scorpio

    will these logo appliers work with the Chloe head, too? any time i find a skin that has logo appliers, its specifically for the Alex head… I dont want to risk buying something that may not work with my mesh head… can you recommend any skin with LOGO chloe appliers that also work with SLink Physique?

  4. Areli Garcia S

    Where i can find the Glam Affair – Cloe Appleirs for LOGO? , i try on the market place, but , don’t appear on list

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