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LeLutka Mesh Head / Lara Hurley

LeLutka / Lara Hurley

If you don’t fall in love with a mesh head right away, keep trying it with NEW skins. Today I am revisiting the LeLutka Stella face and pairing it with the Cerise skin from Lara Hurley Skin. I tried this skin on with all the LeLutka mesh heads, and found that it looks best on Stella and Karin. The lips fit best on these two faces, and they don’t stretch or warp.

LeLutka / Lara Hurley

Recently I previewed the upcoming skin fair, and found so many skin appliers. There’s truly something for everyone! I want to expand beyond my favorites to find new favorites, but I won’t compromise my taste. I like youthful skins with smooth and bright skin tones and subtle makeups. The Cerise skin from Lara Hurley is truly beautiful and inexpensive for the options that are available (brows, lips, eyes). I wish that the skin offered a true ‘bare’ face though, cos with the closed-eyes option on LeLutka Mesh Heads, the eyeliner stretches a lot and it looks messy. *hint* Please make a no-makeup eyes option.

LeLutka / Lara Hurley HUDs

LeLutka / Lara Hurley Skin HUDs


Today I am at the beautiful Everlong sim! I coveted this Fawn Friend from MishMish but didn’t want to play the gacha machine. I’m just unlucky in gacha, but Sasy is not! She won this fawn for me, and I’m super grateful! <3


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella
Lara Hurley Skin – Cerise (Pale)
Truth Hair – Roux
LODE – Head Accessory (Violets) Original
The Secret Store – Maggie Silky Dress (Rose)
The Secret Store – Boudoir Slippers (Rose)
MishMish – Fawn Friend

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  1. Kimi Shi

    Oh my! That might just be the prettiest Lelutka look I’ve seen. I’m really excited for all the appliers starting to rain down.

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