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SL furniture have the craziest poses! When I find something to sit on, the built-in poses rarely ever fit me. I sat on this old chair at Baja Sands, slowed down the animation in SL, and waited patiently to capture the exact moment where my head faces forward and my hands do not intersect with my legs. It took longer to get a good shot this way, than if I had used my own poses, but I felt like a challenge today!

Today’s post is about the new feet update from SLink. Read the post over at SLink’s blog for all the news that you need to know. I’m really excited about the new HUD in the Deluxe Pack, new feet styles, and the ability to control left and right foot styles separately (great for photos!).


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Mesh Head – Stella
Lara Hurley Skin – Cerise
Magika – Dots
Blueberry – Lida (Bodysuit)

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    If find it easiest to right-click an attachment you’re wearing and go into edit mode, right when the animation gets to that sweet spot you want to capture. It’ll freeze the animation and the edit outlines won’t show up in pics.

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