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In my last post, I mentioned Luxe Box and wasn’t sure if I would join. I ended up falling asleep that night and missing the deadline to sign up. Now that I’ve seen the products showcased on everyone else’s blog, I must say it was “worth it” for the $1,000L price tag, if you don’t mind an eclectic mix of styles and quality. Most seemed happy with the products offered, but was unsure if they would buy a blind box again with a possible price increase. Even though some of my favorite brands participated in this round, their items would not have been enough to entice me to buy the entire box. I am sure that many people who bought the box wishes there were previews!!

As I mentioned in my last post, designers want to know how much they will make before selecting the products to send. I noticed that once the items were sent out, people complained gave feedback, then designers made changes and sent out even more options. Keep giving feedback, it works!

Consumers (aka people who spend money) always have the upper hand in SL, unless you choose to play by their (aka people who want to earn money) rules. How can you get previews of Luxe Box? Don’t join the group until the very last-minute. I propose waiting until the 14th of June to join. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that designers and organizers will release preview pics of their products to entice you. After all, you have the money and they have products to exchange for money.

Do you think my idea is a good one? Did you like the surprise element or do you want previews? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Charlotte C.

    The reason I didn’t join the debut month of Luxe Box is the lack of previews.

    Most of my favorite brands are included in Luxe Box, but I am not interested in spending money sight unseen. Just because I love a brand doesn’t mean everything they create jives with my style. Whereas teasers on flickr and on blogs DO draw me to events and to stores on the regular. I’m sure some people love the joy of surprises coupled with the exclusivity of the items, but it’s not for me. Not yet, at least.

  2. Kirsten Corleone

    I loved the surprise. It was definitely the reason I bought a box. Opening it and having to try the items on to see what I got was FUN! Previews would ruin the whole point of this particular event. If you want previews, go to the other 129374836 events in SL that all have them. I enjoyed my “Christmas morning” on May 15th!

    • Gogo

      I think it’s great that you love it. They’re successful this round cos there are people out there that do like the surprise element or hope that they get lots of stylish goodies. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the following months still deliver.

      • Mahogohney (@bellahyae)

        I’m glad someone was honest in saying that they should have previews. i got the box, but was disappointed in all but one item: the beautiful and very luxe Teacup Pomeranian from MishMish. i liked that item because it looks glamour’s and deluxe. allot of the other items did not look luxurious and it did not make me feel pampered. two things i think should be in a box named : Luxebox. i felt more weighted down then pampered. they pretty much just gave us a fatpack of everything. and while i understand having
        many colors to please many people , it felt like they did not understand what was needed for a box that sells t’s self as “luxe” i did not see the glamor i was hoping for, only in one item :/. now the price will go up, i think i will not get this box or perhaps wait until the 14th if it all comes down to it.

  3. Cassandra Oppenbaum

    What no one seems to be mentioning in posts about the Luxe box is that all of the items can be bought one month later, so, you can totally pick and choose which Luxe items you want…after the next round begins and the old stuff is no longer the current set in rotation, which I think is totally fair. There’s an inworld location for Luxe, which houses the Luxe Boutique where past items can be picked up. It just seems that the press on this issue has been a bit unfair, considering the fact that the Boutique exists.

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