Good Morning

Good Morning

Good morning! Is it just me or does SL time seem to go by faster than real-time? Today I want to talk about the June 2016 round of The Arcade, even though it has been out 11 days, in SL time, that feels like a month. I usually go to yard sales, but the lag killed it for me this week. My friend always tells me to “use area search” but I don’t have that feature on the official SL viewer. I decided to try my search on the SL Marketplace, and everything is there. And guess what? It’s even cheaper than pull price. Tip: Filter results by price from lowest to highest.

I bought myself the things I coveted without suffering lag, or wasting time checking every single box for the right color. Gacha resale is becoming a competitive sport; I feel that people are offering things for less than pull price cos they’re desperate to recuperate some money and not enough people are buying. I bought this adorable Tres Blah Open Robe for pull price or less, and even found a couple of extras for my friends in the floral prints that I wanted! Super pleased that lots of re-sellers have moved to the marketplace.

Good Morning

I’ve been redecorating my SL home with cute lil’ things that I’ve found from events. I have to make room for new stuff by removing some old stuff, cos my home isn’t that big! I made a laundry corner/dressing room using What Next items. Even virtually, I can’t escape chores, lol!!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Morning Glory Collabor88
Tres Blah – Open Robe (Joy) The Arcade/June 2016
Ingenue – Emily Heels (Nude) Collabor88
What Next – Ironing Board & Laundry Room Collabor88
What Next – Amelie Armoire

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