Byrd Island

Byrd Island

Hello from Byrd Island! There are lots of birds here….

Byrd Island

Isn’t this hairstyle from Exile just gorgeous? This is the Liaison hairstyle released at Collabor88’s birthday round. I absolutely love the color-changing beads that comes with it (necklace not worn). I was playing around with the different hair colored HUDs when I noticed that the unicorn hair colors are part of Exile’s hair packs! I don’t know what the official name for this hair texture is, but let’s just call it unicorn. Let’s pretend I noticed this before, cos I just asked Kavar when this became official and he told me AGES AGO, and instantly unfriended me for not noticing. JK.

Exile Hair

When you’re feeling cheerful, or need some extra cheer, wear every hair color at once! This is the Fantasy 2 color HUD.

Byrd Island

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Liaison (w/ Pearl hair add on)
The Secret Store – Sonia T-Shirt Dress (Lines)
Ingenue – Luzy Heels (Silver)
Pink Fuel – YUM Bubblegum!

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