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Alt, New brand by Truth

Run it

Alt by Truth is the newest clothing brand from Truth Hawks. If you have been on the grid for a million years, you’ll know that Truth was an apparel brand before it became a hair super store. I was apprehensive about blogging Alt clothing cos I didn’t own The Mesh Project (TMP) or Belleza body, but I decided to give it a try.

A long time ago, when The Mesh Project launched their free body (doesn’t include an alpha HUD or appliers capability), my friend urged me to try it out. I tried it on once, then forgot all about it cos nobody on the grid made clothing, skins, or shoes for TMP. I really wanted to splurge $5,000L on the TMP body, cos it has all the feature I want, but I remembered that I really loathe their shopping system. I couldn’t just teleport to the sim to buy it, I had to wear their shopping HUD, deposit money, then I can shop. WHY? I did this once before to buy a mesh head, but I loathed the experience so much that I don’t think I will do it again.

Anyway, back to Alt clothing! I wore it with the Maitreya Lara body for these photos, but I did try the clothing on the SLink Physique body too. As expected, the clothing did not fit either body, cos it is made for TMP and/or Belleza. I  photoshopped these pics, cos I love the texture on this Flex Legging & Flex Bra outfit! The leggings include a color change HUD, which is fabulous.

The decision to release these on TMP and Belleza is intriguing; since I feel that Maitreya and SLink are the most popular bodies on the grid. I don’t have any facts to back this up, just my observation cos almost everything clothing item that I have bought this year is for SLink/Maitreya.

Run it

Do you guys think I should splurge on the TMP body? If you own a TMP body, how easy is it to find clothing and shoes to fit the body?

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Cerys
Alt by Truth – Flex Bra, Flex Leggings
Ingenue – Luzy Heels (Golden)

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  1. Opal Rae

    I really don’t like TMP boobs.

  2. Marianne

    I read that the 5000 bodies is marked down to 2500, in MeshBodyAddicts and posted the 24 august, and I don’t know when it ends.
    TMP… ah, my main and two alts has the Deluxe. They sit in my inventory after I got Maitreya I don’t look back.
    I loathe the Stylemode HUD. Its icons is too small and confusing. It fills up. But if you only have the body and not the head, it should be easier to use. To fill the StyleMode HUD with skins, makeups and hairbases and then flip through them. Ugh.
    When I used Flickr, I posted the credits with each image. But with the Stylemode HUD, I could not tell what I was wearing. I get no information fram the HUD, I could recognize some like the Pink Fuel I had, they are so easy to see, but makeups, no. I had a lot of lipsticks and no idea what was what.
    The AC is also something to consider, I don’t know if it’s an update coming that lower the AC. The TMP is 5000 heavier than Maitreya.
    I would wait out Truth, I think the TMP popularity is so low that he has to make Maitreya clothes if he will sell stuff. Unless it is some secret deal between him and TMP. Maybe TMP think they can get back some users if they get big names making TMP only clothing.

    • Gogo

      I just got a notice this week that Truth released some of the clothing items in Maitreya now.

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