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Everything is okay

Everything is okay

Have you ever noticed that I don’t wear hair bases or hair that only works with hair base? I have always found my SL head shape slightly odd, so I don’t like looking at it uncovered. In addition to this, I just don’t think the hair bases are natural looking or blends well with mesh hairstyles (there’s always a line). LeLutka released hair base hairstyles in the past to work with hair buns, but I just didn’t like them on my head. This week, they surprised me once again with a line of hair base hairstyles. I’m surprised that I love these when I tried them on! Finally, hair base hairstyles that works on me. There is no awkward line where the hair base ends, and the hairstyles have enough hair for my head not to feel naked.

LeLutka hair

These are the 4 new hairstyles /attachments that works with 4 new hair bases from LeLutka. The hair base HUD only works with LeLutka heads; so everyone who doesn’t wear this head will just have to wait for a release that supports Omega and/or includes ‘texture’ hair bases.

Everything is okay

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Hair/hairbases
The Secret Store – Dita Ensemble (Bra) Nude
Zenith – Cross straps sweater (Rose)
Zenith – Leather Skinny legging (Rose)
Ingenue – Jones Bootie (Slink) Cocoa

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  1. carolineapollo

    it’s a great hairbase. I think having the hair accessories helps the transition.

    • Gogo

      I agree! Maybe that’s why I think they match so well; the hair accessories definitely makes it for me.

  2. pinkpaws ❤

    Mind me asking which skin you wear with your lelutka head?

    • Gogo

      Lara Hurley skin

  3. Prue Genira

    I love these but unfortunately, I don’t have a LeLutka head so I’ll have to wait.

  4. Jake Ell

    Your avie looks like Aaryn Gries / Aaryn Williams from Big Brother 15

  5. honeybender

    Hello Juicy, is the attachment also from Lelutka? I looked in their mains
    tore but could not find them.

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