Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio

Can you tell what kind of mesh head I’m wearing? It’s kind of borderline, isn’t it? If you see me walking around a sim, you might think I’m just very good at shape-making at first glance. But if you see my profile…ah! I’m wearing a mesh head after all. No flat Second Life face, no weird nose, a fully developed mouth instead of two weird-looking bumps.

I’m an artist with not a lot of time or patience to dedicate to 3D programs like Makehuman or Blender. So when Gogo recommended Yabusaka Loon’s mesh head program to me, I hopped on the chance to try it out.

Here’s how it works. You create a shape using the sliders in the program to make the mesh head you’d like. You can save your parameters to work on or make copies of later. When you export the mesh head, it saves three files: the head itself, a lash attachment, and an attachable makeup layer. It works with a predestined skin weight so you don’t have to rig anything.

Here’s a short video showing how the program works.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FARUNxG2vmE]

After fiddling around with the program, I was able to create three mesh heads in a couple of hours. The tutorials are short but to the point and will get you creating in a few minutes’ time. I have more slider suggestions for Yabusaka, but honestly I’m completely satisfied with the program. The heads are incredibly poly-efficient too, so you can even wear them without remotely hitting a high avatar weight limit.

The program system creates male or female heads, but each gender’s system is purchased separately. And when Bento comes out? I’m pretty sure this is going to have some amazing capabilities. New bones, no programming mesh expressions! I honestly can’t wait.

Check out the free demo here and get creating!

Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio

What I’m Wearing

[ a.e.meth ] – Deep Eyes
Chemistry – Violet hair
Sallie Language – Crystal Heart school uniform
Half-Deer – Princess Twinklepuff Bunny Stardream Wand
Half-Deer – Princess Twinklepuff Twinkleheart Tiara
Moon Amore – Serenity Wings
Altair – Puella Magi Wings
Pose – Curvosity [Simple Stand]

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