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Come picnic with me! This gorgeous Provence Picnic Set from What Next comes with food and drink decor, texture change options, poses, etc! It’s only 12LI too – amazing! I still can’t wrap my brain around LI cos I’m old school, and I still think of items in terms of prims. Is 1 LI (Land Impact) equal to 1 prim count?


Exile released the most gorgeous hairstyles for The Epiphany. So many cute things at this event, a ‘lil hard to get in at the moment, but it should ease up by the weekend. I like that I can trade in extras for some exclusives! My outfit is the Heidi set from Azuchi, also at the event.


What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Spring @ The Epiphany
Azuchi – Heidi Shirt (Black White
Azuchi – Heidi Pants (Deep Ocean)
Fishy Strawberry – Patsy Boots (Black)
What Next – Provence Picnic Set

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  1. Elle Couerblanc

    Hey girl! Just wanted to reach out and say Hola and let you know I was thinking ’bout ya! I miss our SL chit chats and if Bento comes out soon, I might just start poking my head in soon. Hugs and stuff and don’t delete me!!!

    <3 <3 Elle

  2. Ceiri

    Where is this dress for sale? I don’t see it at the T*eefy store.

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