Pandora Resort

Hello from Pandora Resort! I blame my computer for not rezzing all the textures properly, cos there are still some things that remained blurry. I brought along my Autumn Bicycle from What Next. It is for decorative purposes only, but there are other bikes for sale that you can ride at the store. I love autumn and will try to blog lots of seasonal things this month.

Pandora Resort

A few days ago, Caroline and I went to SaNaRae to find some goodies and discovered that most of the brands had gifts out to celebrate the 1st birthday! I love free gifts; events don’t really do this anymore, but it gives me joy when things are free. My favorite find at the event is the dolls and hair accessories from Apple Girl. I played the machine and got a head accessory, but I wanted a doll!!!!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Sidewinder @Collabor88
Apple Girl – Red Head accessory @SaNaRae
Yolk – Bunny Earrings free @SaNaRae
The Secret Store – Soline Draped Dress (Moss) @Collabor88
The Secret Store – Pia Quilted Jacket (Sky) @Collabor88
Ingenue – Tabitha Heels (Cider) @Collabor88
What Next – Autumn Bicycle Decor @Collabor88

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