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Pink Fuel Liya Skin

Pink Fuel Skin

Today several amazing things happened. First, I became a rock star. Second, Pink Fuel released the most gorgeous Liya skin, but it is for the Catwa mesh head only. Third, I bought a Catwa head for the sole purpose of blogging the Liya skin. These things don’t usually happen all in the same day, since I’m usually not that social nor do I change my entire look on a whim.

I didn’t plan on buying any mesh heads since Project Bento is right around the corner. If you don’t know what that is, Project Bento will allow certain mesh heads to be editable (like default SL shapes). I don’t know much about it, but that’s the feature I’m most excited about.

Pink Fuel Skin

Chances are good that if Pink Fuel creates something, I will blog it. I’m just not a huge fan of Catwa mesh heads, since I never found any skins I liked on it. I decided to give it a try today cos I wanted to wear the Liya skin, and I must say there are lots of products on Marketplace for Catwa. If you already own a Catwa head, I highly recommend the Liya skin from Pink Fuel. If you’re like me and tend to buy things just to blog then never wear them again, maybe wait for a Project Bento release so it’s editable.

Pink Fuel Skin

The Liya skin includes a HUD with so many options!

Pink Fuel Skin

Did you guys click on the link above to read Sasy’s blog post? Read it if you’re a blogger. Sasy proposed that when bloggers post about any brand’s item, go to that brand’s flickr/social media post pages and share your link! This type of cross-promotion can only help drive sales for the brand when their own customers see it in use by many bloggers with different style ideas and photography styles. I am on board with this cross-promotion idea, so I will start sharing my links when I blog any products.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Liya (Ivory)
LeLutka – HF06 hair
Ricielli – Julia Minitop (Orchid)

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  1. Sasy Scarborough

    Thank you for being a Rockstar with us ♥ all bands need a Gogo

  2. Dojiba Sabra

    Which head did you buy?

    • Gogo

      Tumble head

  3. Catarina Sharktooth

    I’m in love with the Julia top you are wearing but can’t find it on MP or at the mainstore. Is it discontinued?

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