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Truth VIP group is such a good deal! For a $265L join fee, you’ll get one exclusive hairstyle a month. It really pays for itself within the first month! Even if the group fee is quarterly or yearly, it’s still a deal. I would imagine that this group would continue for as long Truth Hair exists in SL, so this is an incredible deal.

Join the TRUTH VIP Group to receive a monthly Exclusive Hairstyle, early access to sales & news!

Terms: One time fee. Monthly hairstyle is exclusive to group members. Hairstyle arrives the 1st week of each month. Current hair demo will be available in store and will usually be rigged/fitted mesh. VIP hairstyle will only be available for 1 month. Early access to sales is 24hrs. Strictly no refunds.


I am wearing the Deja hairstyle, free in the Truth VIP group. I’m also wearing the Cadet Dress from Alt by Truth, available at this month’s Uber.

As you know, today the United States is voting for a new president. I’m anxiously awaiting the results, along with the rest of the country (world?). I AM FEELING BLUE!!!


What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Deja
ALT By Truth – Cadet Dress
Blueberry – Craven (Sharp Heels Boots)
Yummy – Boho Beaded Necklace – White / Gold

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  1. erikinhadenimore

    Please, Gogo,
    What store is this photo a skin of? And a knitted head? Are you from Lelutka? Ty♥

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