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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Have you noticed that there’s a new blogger on JuicyBomb? Elle is my friend that had her own blog for years, but now she’s blogging here! Her writing style is engaging, so leave her some comments if you want to see more posts!

Exile released the most gorgeous braided hairstyle for Collabor88 this month. I am wearing the Iron Maiden hairstyle (love the name), and pairing it with Minerva Joggers and Fire Boots from Blueberry. To complete this outfit, I am wearing the sexy Annie Satin Top from Ricielli. I’m not usually a fan of shiny textures, but Ricielli does it nicely and very realistic.

Iron Maiden

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Iron Maiden
Ricielli – Annie Satin Top (Mint)
Blueberry – Fire Boots, Minerva Joggers
Mandala – Taper Pierce (Star)

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