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LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

In December, LeLutka released the Simone 2.0 Bento Mesh Head and I have worn it exclusively since. I’m even more enamored with Simone now cos LeLutka continually updated the HUD to include more features that makes wearing it even better. Even though I have worn Simone for a little over two months, I truly feel like this has always been ‘my’ face. Being able to tweak is so nice.

I didn’t expect LeLutka to release another head so quickly, but this is a pleasant surprise! The new LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head is more youthful face than Simone. The lips are y, and the face shape is slightly rounder with more chubby cheeks. Speaking of shape, be ready to tweak. I basically made an entirely new face for myself cos the nose, chin, lips, eyes, are entirely different.

LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

Will I wear Chloe? Yes! Will I still wear Simone? Yes! I’m having a hard time deciding what is ‘my’ face these days, since I make shape edits and choose skins that are always in the style that I like, they usually end up looking somewhat similar. My friends always says “this looks like you” which always makes me laugh cos they’re referring to default head Gogo, which makes me cringe now! I LOVE MESH HEADS. If you haven’t moved on to mesh heads, why not?

LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head

Do you know what feature I’m most excited about on the latest HUD update? ReroutingEnables redirecting appliers to a layer of your choosing. I played with it a bit, and still getting the hang of picking the right layer for certain things. The tattoo is the easiest layer to use, cos that layer applies all over the face – so I can put lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, pretty much everything any applier I want on it. The other zones are more restrictive, for example, I can’t put lipstick appliers on brows zone, or eyeshadow appliers on lips zones.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka Chloe Bento Mesh Head
Magika – Fool for Love
ALT by Truth – Paddington Sweater

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  1. Poppy (po44y resident)

    Love your Chloe shape, is it possible to buy it?

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