Let’s meet at the beach

Let's meet at the beach

This Kenya II Playsuit from Ricielli is fabulous! Nothing says beachy more than coral, so I added a big splash of coral to my outfit today. I crashed after taking the first picture, and for some reason my hair detached itself, and all the colors reverted to default. This explains why the band on my hat is two different colors, cos I forgot I had originally colored it white. You probably don’t even notice, and I didn’t either until I went to crop the photos.

Do you ever notice tiny “fails” in SL photos? Sometimes I don’t even fix mistakes like hair going into clothing cos I think imperfections make SL interesting. Back in the day…… we were lucky when our hair didn’t randomly attach to our butts.

Let's meet at the beach

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Taren / Hat
Ricielli – Kenya II Playsuit
Gizza – Nautical Set
Ingenue – Velma Wedges (Coral)

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