My New Kitchen

My New Kitchen

I have done nothing but shop, decorate, shop, decorate! I love my new Catia Kitchen set from Consignment. I have used decor from various brands for years to make a vintage kitchen, but I felt the need for change. This new set is modular, and very easy to assemble to fit any kitchen. I don’t like to change my decor often, but this change is definitely much-needed, since it also pushed me to update my living room and other corners of my home.

My New Kitchen

A new kitchen set calls for new food!! Isn’t this set of brunch food from Dust Bunny fantastic? It’s a gacha, but it was actually fairly easy to complete the set since it’s a small set.

My New Kitchen

Autumn is here! It’s cold outside, so I am loving all the sweaters and beanies in SL. I love this Amitomo dress at Sanarae, it’s a gacha, but I won’t complain since I won the dress after a handful of tries. Exile released perfect autumn hairstyles at Collabor88 this month! I am wearing Full Circle, it comes with a color-changing HUD for the cap.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Full Circle
Amitomo – My Story Gacha (Dress)
Ingenue – Nina Heels (Oxblood)


Consignment – Catia Kitchen (White)
Dust Bunny – Brunch Foods gacha
What Next – Patisserie Kitchen Decor

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