Havenhollow Mischief

Skull House

This morning I was stalking around Havenhollow as a nazgul. Did you see me? I dressed up my WH Riding horse with some spooky skins and decor, and tossed on a rider’s cloak from Jinx. For fun, I also wore RC Cluster’s new Trick or Treater bucket. I guess my nazgul’s searching for more than just a ring this time.

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books, so I’m absolutely pleased to run around SL as a nazgul this week. If you see me, just let me know where Baggins is, okay? I just wanna talk with him for a second. 😂

What I’m Wearing:
NULL – Bento Skeleton Avatar
RC Cluster – Trick or Treat Tricker Bucket (at The Play Room event)
Water Horse Bento Riding Horse (Warmblood)
Jinx – Cult Cloak
Jinx – Unicorn Skull Mask

Posted by Cake

Cake is a freelance illustrator and blogger for Juicybomb. She is a recipient of the Joe Schuster Gene Day award for her work in Wayward Sisters, and was nominated for an Ignatz Award for the same anthology in 2019.

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