Mopire Tokyo Subway Station

Merry Christmas Eve! I am exploring the Mopire Tokyo Subway Station, it’s modeled after a real life subway station in Japan. I could take photos for a whole month on this sim and all the photos would look different cos there are lots of cozy places and cafes to explores, in addition to the subway station.

Mopire Tokyo Subway Station

I love my outfit today! Everything is from Ricielli, which is sort of one of my favorite brands in SL. I’ve said that before, right? I think they do sexy-casual clothes really well. The Rhea Sandals that I’m wearing includes a color-changing HUD to change all components of the sandals, so I was able to match it to my outfit perfectly.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Persuasive
ChicChica – Aurora #10, Aurora #8
Ricielli – Charlice Lace Top
Ricielli – High Waisted Shorts (Off White)
Ricielli – Rhea Sandals

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