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New Skin 2018

New Skin 2018

I’m diving into 2018 with a new skin! My last favorite skin was from six months ago, so I’m due for a much-needed skin update. It is definitely a new year’s miracle that I liked not one but two new skins from Glam Affair, both released within the past two weeks.

New Skin 2018

Glam Affair – Michelle

The new Michelle skin from Glam Affair (@Collabor88) will be my new skin! I still look similar than what I’m used to, cos I am sticking with the same skin brand. One of the nice things about staying with a skin brand, is that most of the makeups are interchangeable between the different faces. This is why I find it incredibly hard to change skin brands and/or skin tones!

New Skin 2018

Glam Affair – Michelle with Denise lipsticks

Before I tried on Michelle, I definitely chose the Denise skin from Glam Affair (@Uber) as my new skin. I love the lipsticks! After I tried on Michelle, I decided to wear it as my new skin instead, so now I will just wear the Denise lipsticks over the Michelle skin. I’m complicated.

How old is the skin that you’re wearing now? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth Hair – Caralisa
Blueberry – Zuzu Knotted Top

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  1. JMB Balogh

    A League skin from 2013. But I have just updated to a bento mesh head so may have to change that.

  2. LadyJuliana

    I am complicated as well. Being that my avatar is 13 years old in March, I have been through a few…. lol. The first skins I found that I loved loved loved were from Unique Megastore, as well as the shape that went with it. But when mesh hands and feet came along, they just quit making new products so I had to search for something new. I found Zoul Creations which were stunning and had the appliers for the mesh and they kept the “look” of my shape from Unique Mega. Then the mesh bodies came out so I waited until she released the appliers for the bodies and got those to go with the skin I had from her. But with mesh heads I just have had a really hard time finding what I liked that would still look like “me” so I waited. Until just yesterday. Zoul Creations has since become Amara Beauty and she has skins for the mesh heads. After MANY demos of heads and skins sombo I settled on one from Catwa with an Amara skin and I am very happy with the result of maintaining my appearance. And most likely I will stay with this until the next major change in SL comes along.

    Your avatar is beautiful!! I love the eye shadows on that skin!

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