Somewhere over the rainbow…

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Second Life is turning 15 this year, and my avatar turns 12 this year! It honestly doesn’t feel that long. I’m so excited about all the changes, especially the return of last names! So many Residents want last names, I have no doubt this will raise a bunch of cash for Linden Lab. Whoever thought of bringing back last names and charging for it, give that person a promotion! It’s so clever!

Somewhere over the rainbow...

My outfit today is inspired by this random head accessory from LODE that I bought over 6 months ago. I always buy hair flowers and hair accessories, even the crazy beautiful ones that I know I’ll never find an outfit to go with it. It’s SL, of course I can wear it casually. WHO WILL JUDGE ME? 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – A Fine Mess
LODE Head Accessory – Gladiolus Birds (Golden Touch) Rare
Blueberry – Lila Crop Top, High Waist Sweater, Knot Tie Top, Rolled Cuff Jeans
Stealthic x Toksik – TKS Necklace (Rose Gold)
Ingenue – Ulla Sneakers (Surf)

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