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Good Night

Good night

Do you ever feel like being a way from the grid for a month is equivalent to being away for a year? I seem to have missed so much that an entirely brand new (to me) mesh head is now so popular that all of my friends are wearing it.

Photo credit: Kavar Cleanslate

I saw this ad from Kavar and immediately fell in love with all 3 of his avatars! The girls are wearing Genus heads, which is entirely new to me! I’ve heard of the name and knew that they are Genesis part II of some sort… but I haven’t ever demo’d a Genus mesh head. Until this week….

Kavar did give me some great recommendations on skins and some tips about Genus that will help me if I do make the switch. Should I make the switch? Do you wear a Genus head? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Alessa
Tee*fy – Belle bodysuit (Bloom), Belle Bra (Sweet)
Pink Fuel – Kiera (LeLutka Head Applier) Biscuit

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  1. Sylvie Jeanjacquot

    No, I am not wearing a Genus. It makes me sick – comparable to any “Maitreya Exclusive” or “Only For Catwa” fetish-fascism all over the places.
    Now, there shall be a third name flooding the grid, it’s called “Genus” and it will form a holy trinity with the former.

  2. lysistrata

    I love my Genus heads. The skins I have for it are gorgeous (Pink Fuel, Amara Beauty, and Pumec especially). The Genus Powder Pack in December had some great makeups (again wowed the Pink Fuel lipsticks in this pack). I can’t wait for this month’s Powder Pack now. I don’t really get what Sylvie’s gripe is. There are freaking bajillion skins for Catwa and Lelutka heads. If you want designers to create for your head, tell them. If enough people have that head and also tell the designer, they’ll eventually see a money-making opportunity to create for it. Much like with the Sking bodies, few design for it because not many people want to look like balloon animals.

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