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New Linden Homes

New Linden Homes

“Hey Cake! Where’ve you been?” Drawing comics for money and enjoying life. I’m working on a comic book for a mainstream company now, so I’m pretty excited! That series will be released in August. Nationwide. I’m a pro now!

But that’s not why I’m writing this, right? Let’s talk about Linden Homes!

I managed to check these out when the Home and Garden Expo was running, and the preview was pretty cool. So when they were released, I hopped on the chance to snag one. Gogo and I registered around the same time, so I was hoping to get one on the waterfront like she did. Just so you know–homes are randomly assigned! BUT, all of these houses are landscaped very nicely. I didn’t get one on the waterfront, but I still love my house anyway.

Check it out:

New Linden Homes

It’s pretty cute! I fortunately had a lot of things on hand already to design the home as I wanted. Shoutout to Dysfunctionality and Jian for my landscaping must-haves, like a 1li pond (from Dysfunctionality), cobblestone pathways (Jian), and 1li interactive campfires and fireplaces (Dysfunctionality, for real I love you) to make everything fun and perfect.

Using these two brands in tandem, I was able to create a garden that is efficiently decorated, but blends in enough with the grass texture on the ground to look organic. HappyMood was also a brand I used to fill in negative space on the lawn with wild, natural-looking grass. Perfect for that slightly unkempt garden.

New Linden Homes

Interior decor features a mix of What Next, Dysfunctionality, Apple Fall, Consignment, Jian, and Gustav’s. It tells the story of an artists’ residence with a proper tea room, while the rest of the rooms feature more eclectic pursuits.

Now that the preliminary review is done, let’s have some notes and talk in detail.

  • This project looks fantastic, props to the decorators of this continent. They really brought their A-game.
  • I’m glad for the no-banlines and stay-in-theme rule. Sorry to those who like banlines, but I think they’re ugly and are part of what drove people from Mainland. LL is giving out official security orbs instead, which I think is enough to work.
  • The waters of this continent connect to Sansara so you can sail around!
  • Interested to see if anyone will play GTFO on the continent with this. There’s tons of streets… just need gas stations and destinations.
  • We now need more mesh backyard pools since you can’t terraform your yard to add a pool.
  • I only used 200 li to decorate, still have lots left over!
  • I would totally upgrade if the rumored LL split residence/biz builds came out. Are those still being worked on? I have no idea.
  • I love the public meeting areas. You can go to public pools and parks to meet your neighbors!
  • It’s fun to walk around and see who else has decorated their house. Some people really know how to landscape!
  • I had an unofficial neighborhood committee come welcome me excitedly when I moved in, which was really nice.
  • I have a mainland house with my husband which is roomier, but will we move to the Linden Home instead? You know… we might, actually. I can still build a private skybox for us with my leftover prims if I want. Why not? I kind of think we might make the switch.

My biggest takeaway from this is how I noticed LL is changing with the times. People want land, but they can’t spend a ton on having any. It’s better to have smaller transactions and coordinated efforts like neighborhoods for most of the populace. If some people with more cash flow want to drop money on a sim, that’s great. But I think more money could be made with a proper neighborhood package.

And it’s already working. These new homes sold out in 48 hours. That was no tepid response! Keep it up LL, the game may extend its life this way.

Did you manage to snag a new Linden Home? Do you want one? What do you think of them? Do you have land on Mainland, and if so, are you thinking about switching? Leave a comment and let me know!

All info for the new Linden Home package can be found here.

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  1. Ai Austin

    I love the new Linden Homes too… here is my houseboat… and thanks to the removal of the ban lines I already did a trip over via the connected regions to Sansara to the North…

    • Cake

      That’s so great! What kind of boat do you use? I like motorboats, so I have a Bandit 460AK. EDIT: Oh wait I see you have a Bandit yacht, per your blog. It’s nice!

  2. Ai Austin

    I have a few vehicles… but for the Windlass houseboat plot I went for the Bandit 50 sailboat.. its just 32 prims when moored. This let me keep a good headroom of unused prims to let me temporarily rez and edit things. I also have a Debonair 0412 floatplane, 39 prims when moored. For bombing around the locality in case neighbours invite me over for a party (hint) I have aa little inflatable with outboard motor (11 prims). The link in my earlier comment has some snaps.. including one where I managed to rez one of my Supercar models (222 prims).. for when I need Mach 3 travel between continents 🙂

  3. Mmahoghany

    I have been trying for a week ad all day Saturday. I love them so much and I am eager to have one . I decorated my friends house and simply enjoyed the moment.

    • Cake

      Isn’t it fun? It feels kind of like a dollhouse for me, with a community feel. I love it!

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