Oh the poseability

Oh the poseability

The right pose can make or break a photo. In my research for new bento poses for blogging, I found that the best way to familiarize yourself with a variety of brands is through the Marketplace. I went on the Marketplace and searched for ‘bento pose’ then I filtered it by the Animations category, and sorted price from low to high. I found at least a dozen free or $1L poses that looks natural and cute for blogging. Smart brands give away nice freebies to showcase their products and gain new customers.

**** NOTE **** I didn’t fix my head in this pose, so my thumb is in my face (I have a big head). You could any HUD that will let you move your head/face to fix this (such as LeLutka Axis HUD Face or Avimote PoseMaker). I’m used to fingers going missing in SL that sometimes I don’t even see it anymore.

One of my biggest grips in SL is that most furniture poses aren’t natural, and they don’t even fit my avatar. I’m on a mission to find a collection of nice laying/sitting poses that I can use instead of the default animations in furniture. For what brands are charging, they should give us better poses. In most furniture adverts, you will never see it ‘in-use’ cos these poses don’t fit anyone.

The pose I’m using here is BellePoses – Genji 1L. Show this creator some love!! This pose is absolutely adorable. Also, I found this GLOW store on MP, all the poses are FREE!

Do you have a favorite bento pose brand, that doesn’t break the budget? Leave me some store names and SLurls in the comments!

What I’m Wearing:

  • Pink Fuel – Kiera
  • Amitomo – Way we feel GACHA (top, pants, purse, hair)
  • Ingenue – Edmee Loafer (Studs) Evergreen

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