Cathedral in the sky

Hello from ChouChou! When I read that the beloved ChouChou sim was closing last week, my first thought was, “it’s still online?!” Apparently so, and now Linden Lab is trying to save it.

I’m pretty sure everyone with a last name in SL has visited ChouChou at least once. If you haven’t, you should go before it closes (but it may be saved!). I have visited this sim half a dozen times in the past decade, and I NEVER knew there was a cathedral in the sky until I read about it last week.

Cathedral in the sky

The Lacrimosa Dress from toksik is love at first sight, and perfect for my first visit to the cathedral. If all long dresses in SL were this pretty, I would wear them all the time. This dress is the perfect blend of sweet and sexy, you can style it different ways.

Cathedral in the sky

Watch out world, I have just discovered bento poses! I knew they existed, but I was too lazy to update my pose stand with NEW poses. I highly recommend the Tillie’s Pose Stand; it’s the only one I’ve been using for years. I spent some time this weekend shopping the grid and made myself a new pose stand just for bento poses. For me, the appeal of bento poses is all in the expressive hands. I have nearly 2,000 regular poses that I use for blogging, but to me they’re old/dated… you’ve seen all of them many times on this blog. I will now add bento poses to my new pose stand and start a new collection.

The poses I’m using in this blog post is from micamee – it’s affordable. Every pose pack is just $109! Also, these poses seem to fit me, so I think the creator and I are about the same size. You should demo, cos poses are definitely not one size fits all. It’s infuriating to me when I demo poses and my hand ends up in my face or my body. I know it’s impossible for pose makers to make poses fit everyone, so I only buy poses that fits me with NO adjustments. I don’t have time to whip out the Avimote PoseMaker to fix poses for every photo, only when I’m feeling extremely patient.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Pink Fuel – Kiera (LeLutka Head Applier)
  • pr!tty – Chae
  • toksik – Lacrimosa Dress
  • Ingenue – Camille Heels
  • Ariskea – (FlowerChild) Babybreath Rose Crown

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