“I’m a fiend, I’m a killer, only pledge allegiance to the highest bidder. In a world with no morals and a life with no meaning, there is no such thing as a sinner.” – Ghostwerk, Corporate Assassin (Netrun)

If you love cyberpunk everything like I do, you love any themed event of such that comes along and lets you shop for all the gear you’ll need for a futuristic look. Imagine my thrill at the Cyber/Punk event happening, especially its Psycho Byts gacha. I was able to get a pair of amazing cyber bento arms from it–a rare with just a few plays! Plus, some boots, a headset, and a dope-looking bodysuit.

I mixed up my look in the picture to show the average cyberpunk berzerker and how they might look if you encountered one.

Alright, so you go shopping for all this stuff and then you say to yourself, “Where can I go roleplay as a cool cyberpunker?” And to that I tell you… yeah, sorry, those opportunities are dwindling in SL. Roleplay in SL is dwindling. Should we talk about that?

Yeah, let’s talk about that.

A Growing Problem

So, Second Life has been losing its roleplay sims. You’ve felt this pretty evidently if you’re someone who gets into that regularly. You’ve seen the “Why are roleplays going away” threads on SL forums, too. Sometimes it’s admin management that’s the issue. Sometimes it’s the cost of land. Sometimes people burn out and want to move on. But since Second Life’s population is also shrinking, there’s just less of these places around in general.


What I would love to see is LL investing in opportunities or common play sims where people can join and roleplay. As more and more land barons grapple with extended land costs and dwindling money/renters, the onus will be on the Lab to keep its populace entertained. Sucks, but true–and if you don’t think it is, just give it time. The reality of this situation will come to a head sooner or later.

But at least I look nice for now!

What I’m Wearing:

LOGO Mae Head
Ohemo – Mora statement earrings
Hilly Halaan – Anjou Bra
Limerence – Camila hair
katat0nik – Brass Knuckles Necklace
Psycho Byts – Black headset, Arms (RARE), Purple boots
Zenith – Magic Orchestra Vest and Shoulders
Cureless – Shiny Shorts
Gabriel – Bat (white)
Random Matter – Girl Fight (pink chainsaw RARE)

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