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Zooby Animesh Baby

Zooby Animesh Baby

I have always been an early adopter when it comes to new products on the grid. When I saw the promo videos for the Zooby Animesh Baby last week, I knew I had to have one! Ten years ago, I first blogged about Zooby babies; has it really been that long? The new Zooby Animesh Baby is interactive, adorable, and created by a brand that truly knows its customers.

Zooby Animesh Baby
Emily is the “Eden” model

Hello world, meet Emily! My future spoiled rotten toddler. She’s only a few days old, but she is already so stylish with brand new clothes and hair.

The Zooby Animesh Baby is $4,000L and includes so many options that it’s easy to redress it as different babies. For example, unlike the legacy baby, the new animesh baby includes a HUD to change skin tone, eye color, tint, and even the ability to buy extra skins for your baby. It works pretty much like mesh heads for your avatar, you can truly customize as more products are released.

Zooby Animesh Baby

Each baby includes a Zooby Animesh Baby HUD and Zooby Animesh Texture HUD. All the caring, rezzing, and clothes shopping is done through the HUDs!

Zooby Animesh Baby

There is a caregiver HUD available so you can assign caregivers and friends to help keep your baby’s happiness level up. Your baby will not die if you don’t do any caregiving (only in Second life!) but it’s an extra interactive feature that makes this baby so realistic. My friends have volunteered to look after my baby and keep her happy, cos I will go broke keeping her clothed! It truly takes a virtual village to raise a child, LOL.

Zooby Animesh Baby
Zooby Animesh Baby

Just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, the new Zooby Animesh Baby is out now at Zoobyville.

Did you own a legacy baby? Do you plan on getting a Zooby Animesh Baby? If you get one, let me know in the comments which baby you chose and your baby’s name!

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  1. Fawn

    only thing i have seen that isnt good about these babies , is the fact that only a owner can have a TEXTURE HUD , meaning a mother or father listed as the caregiver CANNOT DRESS THEIR CHILDREN!

  2. CatalinaSky

    I just purchased the animesh newborn, Does the zooby legacy furniture work with these babies as well?

  3. Mercedes’ Brown

    I fell in love with my zoo you baby’s I hate leaving them at night but they are the first I see each morning. Thanks Carrie Tatsu great job and looking forward to getting the interactive cat…..:)

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