A view

A view

Hello from my mainland beach! Since I sold my sim, I have been looking for a small slice of waterfront beach. As you know, most mainland waterfront beach parcels are overpriced, costing HUNDREDS of dollars. I consider mainland a risky investment, cos at any moment, a neighbor could rez a giant rock wall or other annoying decors and ruin everything.

I’m so happy a friend I met recently on mainland gave me this parcel, cos he just bought a full sim. I have one side that is unblockable watefront, and the other sides are kind of horrible. I will just look out, and never look back. I love FREE LAND!

A view

Speaking of free, have you been to SLB16? The shops promised gifts, and I love free gifts! I like seeing what brands are giving out; especially love when it’s a fatpack of something! Here are some of my favorites:

Alaskametro – Bubblegum Lip gloss (I’m wearing it), Revoul Lefort – Lechery Eyes (not shown), toksik – Selva Top, Blueberry – Pride Shirts, Tres Blah – Ginger Halter, Spoiled – Wings Gaming Headset, moss&mink – Roses Lamp, Ariskea – Owl Plant

SLB16 gifts

What I’m Wearing:

  • Pink Fuel – Kiera
  • Moon Hair – Summer Breeze
  • Amitomo – Tropical Lover 14, 5
  • Ingenue – Marlo Flats

& What Next – Monterey  Loungers and Parasol

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