Rieri, Town in Toyko

Rieri, Town in Toyko

Hello from Reiri! I have always Japanese city sims; they’re always packed full of small shops and photogenic nooks. I like going to replicas of real life places in Second Life, do you?

Zara Skin, PUMEC

Now that I have switched my mesh head to Genus, I’m trying out skin brands that I normally don’t wear. I found this Zara skin from PUMEC at The Epiphany. PUMEC skins only have 6 skin tones, so it can be limiting for those who are especially picky about tone. I usually pass them up for this reason, but I thought this face is super cute on me. The skin is made for the Genus Classic head, but I made it work with Baby by pairing it with the Silky Shine lipstick applier from Pink Fuel.

Another reason I like PUMEC skins is because the body appliers are FREE (included). Am I the only one that thinks body appliers should be included with each skin applier purchase? I feel like I’m only getting half of a skin, whenever I have to buy body appliers separately. Build the price into the skin if you must, but it is a much better business model to not sell the body applier separately. It’ll encourage your customers to try multiple tones, and not worry that they don’t have the body applier.

I must give a shout out to Truth hair again this week for making the most adorable hairstyle with bangs that don’t interfere with my lashes. It’s the perfect length – more of this please!

Rieri, Town in Toyko

What I’m Wearing:

  • PUMEC – Zara Genus Applier
  • Truth Hair – Alias
  • M.Birdie – Erial (Top, Skirt, Bag)
  • Cosmic Dust – Strawberry Phone Typer
  • Ingenue – Dale Heels

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